Friday, June 1, 2012

Price Ad Matching for Beginners! {Day 2}

How was your task for Day One?  Did you find other grocery store(s) in your area, you could price ad match from? {Awesome!}

The Knowledge of Sales Ad

When reading and understanding the sales ad it's important to take your time and ask questions! By following these two  simple steps, you will be on your way to start saving anywhere from 10%-50% on an single item.

1. Dates.

Dates are very important when it comes to price ad matching. Every competitor has their own weekly circular that begins and ends on particular day out of the week. You CAN NOT price ad match from an expired ad OR an early sale before the day gets there.

  • Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Kmart circular ads always begin on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.
  • Grocery stores around Southeast Kansas and NE Oklahoma area usually begins on a Tuesday and ends on the following Monday. But there are some that begins on a Wednesday and ends on the following Tuesday. This is why it is so important to know when the sales ad starts and ends. 

2. Item for Item, Pound for Pound. 

When taking the item off a Walmart or Target shelf to getting it price ad match it has to be the same exact item that represents the item in the competitor's ad.
For example:
  • Sara Lee Honey Wheat or Whole Wheat 24 oz bread on sale for $1.49 in a competitor circular. At Walmart on the shelf it's for $2.79 for the exact item and net weight. Wow, you just saved $1.30 on bread!!
Another example, but on produce or meats/poultry:
  • A competitor has Tyson chicken thighs on sale for $0.49lb and at Walmart has the Tyson chicken thighs for $1.25lb. Wow, another great savings!!
  • A competitor has cucumbers on sale for $0.50 each and Walmart has the cucumbers for $1.00 each. Wow, what another great savings!!

Walmart will also price ad match store brand to store brand items! Not all items has to be grocery, Walmart will honor anything they have in their store from a competitor weekly circular.
 (ex: beauty products, electronics, lawn & garden, baby products, sporting goods,  and etc.)

How I price ad match.

When it comes to price ad matching, I go on the competitor's store website and find their circular ad in my area. Or I will look through the circular ads from the Sunday paper {note:make sure they are current, smile}. I will write down the competitor store name and all the items and sizes on a piece of notebook paper.

{price ad list}

If I have time I will type it up and print it off. If not, no trouble I will tear the page out and take it with me to the store also with my grocery list.

{grocery list}

When writing my grocery list out I will put a star to indicate this item is a price ad match. If I have a coupon with an item on my grocery list or my price ad match list, I usually write a c and circle it, to indicate that item has a coupon for additional savings.

Practice Today.

While your on your computer or smart phone, look up a few competitor's store website and glance through their weekly circular. Jot down a few items you think might be a good sale and the next time you take a trip to Walmart {during that current circular week} compare the prices you have found with the shelf price at Walmart. It's kinda like playing the "price is right" but with your real hard earn cash. {smile}

{Note: Sometimes Walmart will have the low price,
but it's not always like that, unless you price ad match.}

Coming up on Day 3 will be Price Ad Match & Using a Coupon